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Hi, my name is Manny Boutsikakis, and I am so grateful to be able to breed and succeed for over 15 years with honesty and dignity for the breed with many repeat buyers.
Our dogs are registered with DKV in Germany, and fully tested with accordance to stringent german
testing regulations, which includes. Field, Water, Tracking  up to 400 yards in various  terrains, Multiple  Retrieves. Pointing, Work Ethic, Co-operation, and most of all maintain and work calmly with the hunter..
Our philosophy is to breed and produce dogs with very good conformation and superb noses, desire to work, very good cooperation, water drive and of course  to be pleasure to have them in the house...

DKV & NADKC Life Member


I live in the Arlington Heights IL with my wife and two kids and my four Deutsch Kurzhaar,
KS Bacara, Frankie, KS Hera, and the young female Persa,